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Your job in engineering, metalworking, manufacturing or logistics

Here you will find the best jobs and employers for people who like to get things done. We set you up with these employers, so you can be the best version of you.

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Specialists in finding your dream job

We are specialists in finding the right job for you. We are dedicated and won’t stop until we have found that one perfect job and employer for you. We guide you and invest in you and your talent through training and education. At Dujob we like to get things done as well and believe in ‘just doing it’. Both you and our employers would rather get work done than waste time arranging and looking for work.

That’s why everybody at Dujob puts their best effort in to help you and our employers as fast and good as possible. With state-of-the-art recruitment technologies and our personal approach, we will find the perfect match between you and our employers. So, you will find a job that truly suits you.

The team

Did we already mention we like to approach things personally? That’s why we would like to introduce each one of us to you: